Sunday, May 20, 2012


After much heckling, I am posting a sewing project. Apparently, if you don't blog it, you didn't make it. I give you...the "Sister Skirt"!

A quick trip to Portland/Marysville last month was very productive.  We managed to make some jewelry, sew a few things, and watch some Bollywood.  I am not a sewer by trade, but I do manage to fix buttons and "franken" costumes together (with a bit of hot glue help).  Keira was determined to make me a sewer, she was a bit more ambitious than I with her spring frock.  Thanks to Debbie, she had this beautiful fabric lying around and I begrudgingly consented to sew a skirt.    It was not hard, but I find that I may only like to sew when I have knowledgeable sisters leaning over my shoulder to decipher sewing instructions.