Sunday, May 20, 2012


After much heckling, I am posting a sewing project. Apparently, if you don't blog it, you didn't make it. I give you...the "Sister Skirt"!

A quick trip to Portland/Marysville last month was very productive.  We managed to make some jewelry, sew a few things, and watch some Bollywood.  I am not a sewer by trade, but I do manage to fix buttons and "franken" costumes together (with a bit of hot glue help).  Keira was determined to make me a sewer, she was a bit more ambitious than I with her spring frock.  Thanks to Debbie, she had this beautiful fabric lying around and I begrudgingly consented to sew a skirt.    It was not hard, but I find that I may only like to sew when I have knowledgeable sisters leaning over my shoulder to decipher sewing instructions.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Last Minute Valentines

I told myself that I was going to be proactive this year and get Valentine's cards done early. Did I? NOPE. It's the day before and the girls VERY nicely asked when we were going to do it. Let's just say that I work well under last minute deadlines. This is a total knock off of Lily's card from last year, but why reinvent the wheel?! I will be staying up tonight and adding the lollipop that gets inserted through their hand. (Jack asked why their hands looked weird)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Useful Stuff

I know we're addicted to another certain website that has taken over the world. Yes, I'm referring to Pinterest! Hours have been lost, opps, utilized wisely for the betterment of our homes and humor. Oh, the humor.

I saw a "tip" the other day on how to fix scratches on your wood chairs. Well, the scratched chairs didn't apply to me, but I have some awesomely scratched banisters. The tip was; rub a walnut over the scratch. How simple can that be?! I happened to have a can of mixed nuts in my pantry and promptly picked out a few walnuts. I did try and wipe off all the salt before I started rubbing on the wood.

I'm not naming any names (Emma!) may have etched her name and a few Xs in the wood quite a few YEARS ago. They were mostly out of the way and I thought trying the walnut couldn't hurt.

The before:
The after:
It didn't remove the scratches completely, but what a difference! Thank you Pinterest.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Winter Advisory

Michael has been on a trip for work, this week, in balmy California. He's suppose to get back tonight. Unfortunately there is a forecast for "blizzard-like conditions" this evening. Yikes! I'm really hoping he gets home before the storm gets bad.

Of course, what does he have planned for Friday night? A Scout camp out! (Shaking my head, thankful I don't have to go!)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Yes, it's been a while...ok, a LONG time. I'd really like to get back on the blogwagon. Here's my attempt to start again.

So, 2012. New Year, new goals. I was reading various blogs/forums and there was an interesting thread about trying to choose ONE word to describe the kind of year you'd like to have. I decided that my word for the year is going to be Positive. I wouldn't say that I'm necessarily a negative person, but I know that I would like to have a more cheerful attitude.

What would your word for the year be if you could only choose ONE word?