Friday, March 25, 2011

Under Pressure

I am motivated by deadlines. Especially when they are REALLY close. I'm not saying that I pull everything off without a hitch, but sometimes if you spend TOO much time on a project, it gets to be overwhelming.

This year has been the year of costumes at school. I don't have a large costume closest to pull from (something about kids destroying everything), but I've been really lucky with finding items and getting very friendly with my sewing machine and hot glue gun. Thanks to fearless sisters' encouragement, I too have become less fearful with "whipping" up a costume.

Lily is having a Fairy Tale ball at school and initially wanted to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I tried to talk her into being Grumpy from Snow White, surprisingly she declined. When I decided to go look for fabric, there was not a yellow fabric in sight that would work...then we found a pink prom dress.

me: Hey Lily, how do you feel about pink?
Lily: Oh yeah, I like it. There's a pink princess I'm sure.
me: Excellent. Off to work we go.

This is what we started with;

Best curtsy.

Looking like a princess.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This is Emma. Last year she did not miss a single day of school. She was VERY proud of her perfect attendance award.

This year she had a fever and they frown heavily on kids being sick at school, so they asked if I would come get her. I got her into the doctor's office that day and she tested positive for Strep. She was NOT very happy that I had to keep her home one more day.

Two weeks later, she's not feeling well, so I take her in to see our very nice doctor. He seems doubtful she has strep again. He does the rapid test and she tests positive.

At this point the word "carrier" is thrown out and I get a little concerned (I've watched too many zombie shows lately). I am supposed to bring her back in after she finished the antibiotics and when she is "healthy". No problem, except the appointment where I'm supposed to bring her in healthy...she has another sore throat.

Another rapid test is done, this time it's negative. Hmmm.

Fast forward two days. I just got a call from the doctor's office saying that the longer test is now positive. Awesome. When Emma decides to get sick, she does it spectacularly.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I did it. I got sucked into the world of ebelskivers. My first attempt was pretty good, the kids gave them two thumbs up.

I might try mixing it up and putting some filling in them, I suspect that we're classic and will like them mostly plain. I didn't have many options for toppings, the butterjam was so so with my critics. Any suggestions?