Monday, February 14, 2011


This was an odd year with Valentine's Day being a Monday. Emma's class decided to party on Friday...makes sense to end the week with a party, but kinda a bummer when everyone else in the school did parties on Monday. This is Jacks last year for a class party. He really didn't care about what he took for Valentine's, but he was bummed that I didn't let him decorate a box right before school. I did give him a nice bag he could put his name and stickers on.

Lily had a couple hours before school and that worked to Lily's advantage. We had enough time to pull off this cute card. I saw this a few years ago and filed this in a mental "oh, that'd be cute to do" file and promptly forgot it.

She took a picture for me and we stuck a lollipop through it to give to her class. This is the before picture.
The after picture. I forgot to take a picture with an actual lollipop. To insert a real lollipop, use an exacto knife and cut slits in the photo above and below the hand.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Character Day

It's Literacy Month and the school decided to gave the kids a pass on uniforms for a day. I put the kids back in uniform and called it "Hogwart's Uniform". I'm kinda tricky like that. Jack has been fast and furiously reading the last book of the Harry Potter series in hopes that we let him see the movie. Emma got a bunch of her friends to be HP characters and she decided to be Ginny Weasley. (No comments on the Harry/Ginny relationship) I don't know what motivated me to get all this done yesterday, but the kids were super excited that I was able to pull it off.
Lily is "The Mitten" by Jan Brett. She could be any character and last minute she wanted to be a dog. Well, I compromised and said she could be a dog IN THE MITTEN. Happy as a clam.