Saturday, February 9, 2013

Unfinished Business

All the stars aligned and I have been finishing unfinished projects around the house. It doesn't hurt that Michael is out of town and I can wear paint clothes all day. I have had the top of my very tall walls mocking me for years. Literally. It's been at least two probably three since I painted the reachable parts. I marched myself over to my neighbors house to borrow a tall ladder before I could think twice. By the way, don't ever have Jack hold the ladder for you. Just sayin'! I was white knuckling it at the top of said ladder and cursing my motivation to finish a project. The weekend isn't over and I'm not done painting, but I'm well on my way.


m_perfect said...

I hate those unfinished bits. They seem to scream at you until they are done. I bet you feel so much better (good job by the way).

Betty Debbie said...

I have some unfinished bits in my kitchen/dining. They're pretty small...I plan to ignore them until March-ish.

Mad Runner said...

My best work is done when Jim is gone. And because he hasn't been gone not much work has been accomplished. Curses.